Private Nutrition Retreat

Are you ready to work with me one-on-one to skyrocket your health? Do you learn better with more hands-on time and personal interaction? Then choose to spend the day with me at my home in Marin County, California.


My expertise is helping health-conscious women take their health to the next level by designing life-enhancing programs that include organic, raw & living foods, nutrient-rich superfoods, adaptogenic tonic herbs, healthy cooked vegan meals (non-vegan / vegetarian at your request), edible beauty products, fresh living spring water, and an overall super holistic approach. The day will be tailored to your needs based on an intake form I’ll send when you book your retreat day.

The RIGHT simple changes customized to
YOUR current needs = dramatic RESULTS every time

You need to know the “needle movers”. You shouldn’t have to change your entire life around just to start feeling better! There are very strategic, easy & simple ways for you to reach your wellness goals if you know exactly what to add in, and what to focus on.

In our time together, we will get really clear on the ways you’ve previously compromised your food or supplement choices, where you’ve become complacent and how to bust through the plateau if you’ve experienced one. You’ll be given all the tools and information you need to live an exceptionally healthy & conscious lifestyle. I hand it over to you on a silver platter – are you ready?

If you know you’re not here to live a mediocre life and want
to gain positive momentum to live & feel extraordinary, read on…


Make Health Your #1 Priority

With the right information to settle confusion, a customized strategy just for you, and specific simple actions, you will inevitably experience dramatic & positive results & skyrocket to levels of health you did not even know were possible.

When learning about health and nutrition, the learning curve can be a much longer process than you hoped for considering the great deal of conflicting information out there. If you spend your time sorting through it all and trying out the different approaches that come your way, you may find that none of it was really that effective and there is still room for improvement. How frustrating, right?

Don’t do that to yourself. Don’t waste time! Work with someone that has radically, positively transformed her entire life around & will share everything I possibly can so you can do the same. See my “before and after” pictures here and read more about my personal journey here! I speak from experience (and formal education as well).



 “I recently gave myself the gift of a day retreat with Bethanne and it was a deeply nourishing, inspiring and a clarifying experience. Connecting with her and witnessing the authentic passion and love she imbues into all her creations, and the generous way she shares her healing journey to support us was a true gift. My family loved the delicious and healthy treats I brought home and keep preparing, and I am still enjoying the Herbal Infused Coconut Beauty Oil she gifted me that makes my skin and all five senses sing! It seems to never end even though I use it all the time!”

~ Maria Gomez
1 day retreat in February 2014

“We’re so happy to have spent a weekend retreat with Bethanne. Her bubbly and motivating personality are inspiring. When looking for a coach, we wanted to find somebody who truly walks the talk and that is exactly what we found with Bethanne. She describes in detail the health benefits of all the ingredients she uses in her tonics and elixirs with demonstration and how to play with flavors for what fits our needs. We feel empowered to move forward, continuing to grow our business and help others. Thank you so much Bethanne, for the fabulous time we spent together.”

~ Val & Kat
Health Coaches, traveled in from Vancouver, Canada for a private 2 day retreat in October 2012

Invest in One HIGH VALUE
Nutrition Retreat Day & Joyfully Receive:

Undivided personal coaching, support, and guidance
An intro health & lifestyle phone / Skype session prior to your retreat day
Weekly meal plan ideas and all of my eBooks & recipe packets
1 week of complimentary email support following your retreat day


ALL-INCLUSIVE 4 hour retreat for $495
(food is included in price)

ALL-INCLUSIVE 7 hour retreat for $795
(food is included in price)

During Our Kitchen Time, You’ll Learn How To:

Set up your healthy kitchen for future success for you & your family
Whip up super nutrient-dense snacks and meals even if you’re crazy busy
Prepare unbelievably delicious and healthy superfood smoothies, garden green smoothies, herbal-infused nut & seed mylks, beauty elixirs, healing teas, herbal tonics, freshly made vegetable juices, kefir cocktails, superfood chia puddings, creamy nutritious puddings, chocolate superfood desserts, and ultra-satisfying savory dishes including healthy cooked vegan / vegetarian cuisine
Make raw fudge chocolates, prana energy balls, chocolate turtles and superwoman meal-replacement bars
Create healthier versions of your favorite foods and learn how to end cravings for good

All recipes are custom made to satisfy your taste buds and preferences, and are always organic, and superfood and herbal-infused. The goodies we make are based upon your needs and immediate goals and may include any of the above.


Join me for 1 day and discover how to activate the regenerative energy within you that leads to optimal health transformation. Plus, you’ll be so motivated that you can’t help but take your health to the next level and therefore inspire others! Positively change the world… and start with yourself.


Ready for a world-class experience that provides tangible benefits for the rest of your life?

I really look forward to working with you in a setting where 100% of the focus is on YOU. This opportunity will be a powerful catalyst to help you manifest your life’s dreams more easily. Come ready for a game changer!

♥ Bethanne


*NOTE: Due to my travel schedule in 2014 – 2015, your private nutrition retreat day will be scheduled as soon as possible on a first-come first-served basis. If you have a specific day in mind, please book asap!

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