You know you’re not here to live a mediocre life. So, don’t! Let me help you shift the things that need to change (mindset, body, spirit) to get you living the most extraordinary existence! A life you adore. Health you can count on.


Through my Edible Goddess Mentoring Program, my intention is for you to feel liberated from thoughts + behaviors that do not serve your highest good. You = at peace, like you’re living in harmony with nature, on purpose, and are the most beautiful expression of you that has ever existed.



about you


You want to feel your best, be happy with what you see in the mirror, and have healthy mind chatter.

You want more for yourself, and you’re not sure where to go from here to get there or how to get “there”.

You want to release resistance (struggle), feel connected, tapped in, and like you’re living a super juicy life that’s totally in alignment with your values.

You feel pretty good about your life, but you know there’s more. There must be! There are things you want to upgrade, improve, and refine.

You want to EMBODY the divine feminine archetype, and be the epitome of an awake empowered woman (the world really needs more of us).

You want to love being you! ACCEPT and APPRECIATE who you are. You want to love your awesome lifestyle and what you are doing in this world.





about me + my approach


I’m deeply devoted to you being an empowered woman. I care more about this than anything else. Your empowerment effects not only you, but me – and every single person you encounter. To raise the vibration of our planet, we as women need to collectively come together and rise. Work through our blocks, face our shadows, and be who we say we are.

I’m dedicated your success with getting what you want out of our partnership, because I genuinely want more happier & healthier people walking this planet. It’s often the person you see in the mirror who holds you back, and that’s what we’ll address.

We’ll uplevel your default choices. Raise your standards. Make it so that what you tolerate feels good to you. Your life or circumstances should not be a burden!

You could call me a life coach, wellness expert, holistic nutrition educator. Mostly though, I am a POSITIVE CHANGE CATALYST. I can help you move past challenges of all kinds with ease and grace.

The way I work my magic is this: I can screen your life in a short amount of time, and know what’s out of whack, where things have gone awry, and how to smooth things so that you are happy and healthy again.

I’ll take a look at the way you eat, and everything that goes into your mouth, supplements and all. You’ll be shown how to upgrade to the next level, so you’re using / taking / eating / drinking the best of the best possible. Simplify all the internet nutrition hype and just do the needle movers – the things that may be small, but that make a tremendous impact on your overall health (and digestion, immunity, beauty, and longevity). Doing the right things do not have to cost a fortune. It’s only when you try a bazillion things that are compromised in quality and not very effective, that things get pricey.


WE focus on:


Your emotional state and well-being (being level-headed, releasing drama, remaining calm in chaos, feeling grounded).

Creating really good boundaries, that feel good to you – so that you’re not taken advantage of, or stretched too thin.

Re-programming your mind for positivity, and the self-patterning needed so you know you are good enough, all the time!

Making sure your adrenals (and other organs) are happy, and that you’re not burning the candle at both ends of the stick.

A series of yummy self-care practices, love yourself up rituals, and time that is dedicated to you getting your needs fully met!




♥ Initial Questionnaire + Intentions Worksheet: Prior to our 1st session, you’ll answer a series of questions so that our time together is most productive. I’ll have a really good sense of where you are at, what has held you back from attaining the next level of happiness + health + beauty (and more), and the direction you’d like to go.

♥ 6 X 60 Minute Coaching Sessions: Every 2 weeks we’ll have a phone call or video skype that will start with a grounding ritual, and move into the heart of the session with clarity, focus, and motivation.

♥ Unlimited Email Support and Accountability: By choosing to work together, you and I are partners in this! 🙂 I’m your mentor, friend, cheerleader, coach, and advisor. You can reach out to my anytime for further support, to answer questions, for reminders of your infinite potential, and to send snapshots of products for reviewing (via text message for a quick response).

♥ 1 Follow Up Session to use within 2 months of completing the program: Let’s have a conversation after you’ve completed the program to be sure you’re feeling confident in your newfound progressive ways, and to address any issues that have risen in the process of your beautiful self-transformation.

♥ Special Discount to My Online Store: You’ll receive a special VIP code to use when shopping for my superfood raw chocolates and herbal beauty elixirs.

♥ 3 eBooks: Superfood Beauty Elixirs, Chocolate Superfood Desserts, and Homemade Edible Skincare.

♥ A Complete Resource Guide (“Edible Goddess Recommends”). And, the Paradigm Shifting Manifesto.

♥ Goddess Goodies! This is your (bonus) high value welcome package that is sent to your doorstep once you’ve signed up!


The investment is $1,250 for 3 months. A discount is available if you pay in full!

We meet via phone or skype, and you may receive a complimentary recording of our (phone) session if you’d like. I take notes for you and send after our call; you do not need to although you may like to as inspiration calls! I live in Marin County, California (PST) and work with clients all over our beautiful world.

I’d be happy to speak with you to see if we’d jive well and to confirm the program is really amazing fit for us both. CONTACT ME! Let’s chat.



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