My background story & why you may want to listen to me …
I used to abuse alcohol to cope with stress, chain smoke cigarettes, eat fast food, was on the birth control pill for 10 years (messed up my hormones), was directionless in life, suicidal after multiple consecutive tragedies, totally broke, and was 25 lbs overweight with bad acne & daily anxiety. I was a wreck!


Since early 2003 I’ve been taking massive ACTION to regain my health, up-level my nutrition, balance my feminine cycles & stabilize moods, create the life I want, and inspire as many people as I possibly can to take control of their health and well-being, and make conscious lifestyle choices that are in alignment with one’s values. I’ve come so far that the old me feels unrecognizable. Check out *these before / after pics*!


I know what I’m talkin’ about when it comes to turning your life around, taking an empowering step by step approach, and becoming the best version of you possible! You know it’s there (underneath a layer or two perhaps).. but there’s no sense in denying it. 😉


If you want to even do a fraction of what I have, maybe one of my services will be right for you..

1-on-1 Phone OR Skype ~ Personal Wellness + Lifestyle Coaching

Get to where you want to be – at lightening speed. If you desire dramatically better results than you’re getting right now, working with me will give you exactly what you need to see immediate positive changes and you’ll feel more energized and alive than you’ve ever felt before. I’ve made a dramatic positive transformation and my part of my mission in life is to inspire you to do the same kind thing if you desire, with a wildly fun approach that leaves you absolutely *in love* with the new choices you’re making.

* initial questionnaire that you fill out prior to our session
* 75 minute phone or Skype session
* personalized program tailored to your needs and desires
* email follow-up after our coaching call for questions

Book your initial session and get started today. HEALTH is your greatest wealth!

$150 for 75 minutes


One Month Mentoring Package

* initial questionnaire that you fill out prior to our session
* multiple phone or Skype sessions
* individually tailored program to accelerate your desired results
* unlimited email access and support during your program

$550 for 1 Month Mentoring

Private Raw Chocolate, Superfood Desserts, and Healthy Cooking Lessons

Are you a chocolate lover that wants to learn how to make the healthier, guilt-free version of 1 of your favorite foods? We’ll skip the refined sugar, dairy, eggs, GMOs, and artificial junk & instead load our recipes with high level nutrition: organic superfoods, stress-busting adaptogenic herbs, and blood sugar balancing ingredients that make you feel nourished and nip your cravings in just 1 bite. YUM!

You’ll learn how to make guilt-free superfood treats and supplement your nutritional needs ALL-IN-ONE. This is a revolutionary concept, and you’ll be a confident raw chocolatier with a priceless skill set for a lifetime by the time I’m done with you! 😉

I’m the creator of the Chocolate Goldies, a mouth-watering medicinal chocolate line (heirloom organic raw superfood, herbal + immunity-boosting medicinal mushroom infused) that is sold internationally. While I love to handcraft chocolates and make them available for purchase, I also want to EMPOWER you to know how to do this yourself. This is a valuable skill set you’ll have for a lifetime!

There has never been a better time in history to take back the power of your health and if you’re going to live fully, you need to know how to use food as your medicine.

Your investment includes: a pre-retreat consultation, heirloom organic ingredients, a sampling of the recipes, a complete recipe packet from our day’s adventures in the kitchen emailed to you after our time together, all of my eBooks, AND you’ll also take what we’ve made home with you.

$295 for 2.5 hours

* Have a small group of friends you’d like to bring together for a private cooking class? Let’s do it in a fun, social setting: grab your closest friends that want to be on this epic journey with you and we’ll have the most amazing time learning how to celebrate life in the most delicious & fun way ever! CONTACT ME for group rates.


Chocolate Fudge Shapes

Private Retreat Day With Bethanne

Are you ready to work with me one-on-one in person to skyrocket your health in a short amount of time? Do you learn better with more hands-on time and face-to-face personal interaction? Then choose to spend the day with me at my home in Marin County, CA learning how to use food as a catalyst for a MUCH better life.

I’ll show you how to make a wide variety of health-inducing recipes that you can choose from including (but not limited to) freshly made organic juices, beauty elixirs, herbal tonics, coconut water kefir cocktails, non-dairy nut and seed mylks, green smoothies, purple immunity smoothies, superfood smoothies, superfood chia puddings, slimming savory soups, medicinal herbal teas, savory meals your family will love you for (pizza, burgers, soups, healthy grain dishes), and chocolate superfood desserts. Whatever it is you’d like to learn how to make, we can add it to our menu! This is a day catered to YOU & designed to make your game plan easy once you get back home. Consulting time is included as part of your retreat.

Your investment includes: a pre-retreat consultation, heirloom organic fresh ingredients, a sampling of all recipes, a complete recipe packet from our adventures in the kitchen, personalized coaching to support your short & long-term goals, and AND a complimentary Edible Goddess Goodie bag to take home!

ALL-INCLUSIVE 4 Hour Retreat for $495

ALL-INCLUSIVE 7 Hour Retreat for $795

Read more details about your Retreat Day here!


Edible Goddess Nutrition & Lifestyle Makeover (you’re wanting a health & life transformation)

If you are ready to learn absolutely everything you can about conscious living, high vibrational raw foods, superfood nutrition, tonic herbalism, elixir juice cleansing, juicing, balancing your blood sugar (and moods), revealing your natural beauty and how to make your own skin & body care products, and how to become the absolute best & healthiest expression of yourself – this is a fully supported way to do so. This makeover includes private retreat days with me at my home, free access to all my products and programs, VIP discounts for my online store, and a high value complimentary Goddess Goodies package shipped to you every single month. If this interests you, please contact me to discuss this comprehensive program.


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