with Local Organic Cuisine, Herbal Beauty Elixirs,
Yoga, Pilates + Dance AND World Class Business Training

February 20 – 24, 2015 – Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica



 Let us transport you to a new way of living!

Live the lifestyle of your dreams in gorgeous Costa Rica while learning all of the skills you need to take the best care of your mind, body and spirit. Prepare for a healing and transformative immersion into Costa Rican culture with nourishing local organic cuisine. Enjoy Pilates and yoga training designed for your unique body and constitution. Create your most epic self!

Bethanne and Amber offer world class retreats to help you unplug from the busy modern world. We will assist you in releasing all that’s weighing you down and inhibiting your true essence. You will be revitalized and refreshed, experience optimum health and create a much stronger connection to nature and yourself. You’ll be guided through the (non-dogmatic) diet and lifestyle choices necessary for creating the kind of amazing life you desire, with a thriving business that keeps you energized, passionate, and that is alignment with your values.

Join us for a celebration of your life in a beautiful and supportive environment that makes it easy for you to take quantum leaps forward. It’s an exotic travel getaway / mastermind not to be missed! Costa Rica is the perfect tropical paradise for this intimate journey…

Your hosts are two health, wellness + holistic nutrition leaders that inspire personal health transformations for women (and cool, conscious men) internationally. We’ll teach you how to deepen your awareness, live in harmony with greater balance, and never look back to the overwhelmed, overweight, overburdened way of living, working in a J.O.B. that you can’t stand, or that doesn’t fill you with satisfaction. This is a high vibe getaway where you’ll receive a heaping therapeutic dose of what you need to up-level your health and life in general by pursuing your passions and making an incredibly positive impact in our world. By the end of the week, you’ll confidently know how to make your own superfood meals and rejuvenate your unique body. You’ll be stronger, more flexible and fully aware of your body from the inside out.

We’ll teach you how to make an exceptional living doing what you love, create a leveraged international business (without exhausting your adrenals), and support the lifestyle you desire to live (no matter your preferences). We’ll teach you everything we know about starting a conscious eco business from scratch (grassroots style – without accumulating credit card debt, and even with ZERO start-up funding or investment), and building your small business (with no employees) to a prosperous 6 figures that rewards you in every way imaginable. You’ll return home restored, super-charged, deeply inspired and eager to rock your life at your highest potential.


Delicious and Nourishing Cuisine

– Fresh Organic Vegetarian / Vegan / Raw Meals (Breakfast and Lunch Provided)

Mindful and Fun Fitness Classes

– 2 hours of daily Vinyasa Yoga, Pilates Mat and Pilates Equipment Training
– Daily Breathwork, Guided Meditation, and Visualization
– Building Strength and Flexibility for Ultimate Injury Prevention and Longevity
– Sequences That Support Body Confidence, Being Lean, Toned and Sexy

Holistic Nutrition Classes

– Easy Superfood Infused Meals and Drink Preparation Classes
– Learn How to Fuel Your Body for Maximum Efficiency + Productivity (Biohacking)
– Energizing Smoothies, Nourishing Savory Dishes, Superfood Desserts
– Enjoy Samples of Food / Drinks Made During Class Time

Business Growth Strategizing
(Products AND Service-Based Online Businesses)
“Prosperous Play Training”

– Learn What You’ll Need to Build Your Grand Vision – Your Business – in a Most Rewarding, Leveraged, and Fulfilling Way. Prepare to Take Lots of Notes, Support Others in Our Group, Share Your Own Expertise, Dream Bigger Than Ever Before, and Come Away Having Made Great Progress! Be Ready to be an Action-Taker, to Implement Immediately, and to Contribute Ideas to Our Mastermind

Costa Rican Lifestyle and Adventure

– Beautiful Warm Weather & Sunshine Conducive to Healing
– Group Jungle Hikes, Waterfall AND Beach Adventures, and Swimming in the Ocean
– Manuel Antonio National Park Wildlife Discovery
– Rest, Relaxation, and Rejuvenation – Soak in a Slower Pace of Living

Support and Home Life Integration

– Movement Manuals and Complimentary Recipe Books To Take Home
– Free Access to Bethanne’s Remineralize Your Body Now Online Program

Extra Goodies!

– Fresh Pure Living Spring Water on Tap
– Celebration Dance Party with Local Live Music
– Closing Sacred Ceremony to Learn How to Live This Experience at Home

We’ll serve you, and show you how to prepare the most delicious
and nutritious fresh, local organic cuisine to keep your energy, vitality and performance at
a high, steady level to support you on this mission-driven path you’ve chosen.



You’ll Enjoy, and Learn How to Make

Energizing juices
Beauty elixirs
Herbal tonics
Green smoothies
Superfood smoothies
Satisfying salads
Savory soups


Get ready for fresh organic abundance! No deprivation ever. You’ll feel truly nourished while you fuel your body with high vibrational foods that allow you to live at your highest, so you can live your mission and make an exceptional living at it!


Strengthen, Open and Balance Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Amber’s daily Pilates and yoga classes are woven with uplifting meditation, imagery, and visualizations. She brings an energetic, creative, fun and fluid approach to all classes and private sessions. Focus on breath, precision, and mindfulness, infuse each session. Building a balanced, toned and pain free body while challenging the mind with breath and body coordination, dynamics, balance and grace is her forte.

She uses everything in her extensive tool kit of Pilates, yoga and dance techniques to keep her students moving one exercise to the next while weaving in cues and corrections. She loves to see the positive changes of strength, flexibility and awareness in her students.

Retreat classes are progressive and build on each other to culminate in a more advanced flow by the end of the week. Each class has a theme. Themes include: Pilates Fundamentals, Vinyasa Yoga Fundamentals, Back Care, Heart and Hip Openers, Inversions for Detox, Energizing and Relaxing Breath Techniques, Ignite Your Core Power, and more. All levels are encouraged and welcome! Amber offers levels and modifications for all guests.

Optional Features (at an additional cost)

Personal Healing & Holistic Nutrition Consultations with Bethanne
Private Yoga and Pilates Training Sessions with Amber
Organic Massage and/or Organic Facial


Epic Experts


BETHANNE WANAMAKER is the founder of Edible Goddess – a world class, international, 6 figures products (+ limited services) business without ever using a credit card (no credit card debt!), zero wholesale accounts, very few discounts / sales to customers, with zero outside investments, no wealthy spouse / boyfriend, and essentially starting overdrawn in her bank account.

She’s the creator of the Chocolate Goldies & Chocolate Gold, and author of multiple healthy desserts, superfood elixirs, and natural beauty recipes ebooks and online programs. She lives to inspire you to become the absolute best and healthiest expression of yourself! As a certified holistic nutrition educator, conscious lifestyle expert, and inspirational health speaker, she teaches others how to activate their highest potential and how to use food and lifestyle as the catalyst for a MUCH better life.

Bethanne handcrafts her own organic, superfood, and tonic herb infused holistic skincare line, Edible Goddess. She has a passion for creating and teaching others how to make chocolate superfood desserts, herbal tonic elixirs, scrumptious raw food creations, and homemade edible skincare. When she’s not developing recipes or running her business, she’s hiking the hills, jogging in the forest trails, playing at the beach, or rollerblading with her sweet big doggie.

Through her products, coaching, and award-winning & engaging classes and events, she offers valuable insight into the connection between mindful choices and discovering and living your mission. Bethanne’s core message is to “Live as a healthy example of what’s possible, raise your standards and refuse to compromise them, don’t settle for less, and shine a guiding light on those you love to help them eliminate needless suffering.”

is the founder of and Epic Living Retreats in Costa Rica. She’s an internationally recognized online/live Pilates and yoga instructor, professional dancer, holistic nutritionist, and lifestyle design expert from San Francisco, CA.

As a contemporary ballet/modern dancer with over 25 years of technique, performance and teaching under her belt, Amber turned to the Pilates method to stay in peak mind/body condition and injury free. Since graduating from the rigorous and renowned comprehensive Ron Fletcher Program of Study she’s worked with a vast array of clients from professional dancers and athletes, to pre and post natal, to rehab, to busy executives, on the mat and all pieces of equipment.

Shortly after finding Pilates she dove into the world of yoga immersing herself in extensive study of several lineages including: Hatha, Iyengar, Anusara, and Ashtanga, along with several meditation techniques. Amber specializes in back care, meditation/affirmation techniques, and peak performance training.

She’s taught for some of the worlds most revered clubs, retreat centers, and festivals including Equinox San Francisco, Sports Club LA, Rancho LA Puerta, Bali Spirit Festival, and The Envision Festival. For the past 6 years, after teaching across Australia, she began leading retreats and workshops in various paradise locations including Mexico, Bali, and Costa Rica. She currently resides in gorgeous Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, where she enjoys coaching online and producing retreats and teacher training programs.

What People Are Saying…


“Awe-struck! Is that a good adjective? You and Amber work well together at the Superfood Detox & Pilates/Yoga retreat. Finally, I took the workshop I needed to take so that I can approach regaining my health in a way that makes sense and is so simple. I will be coming to your next event! Words do not express.”
~ Claire Johnson

Total Tuition: $1,195.00 USD

(A non-refundable $500 deposit is due to hold your place, or pay in full)


$500 deposit

$695 remaining payment

PAY IN FULL, $1,195

$1,995 (for 2 people)


All classes will be held at…

NuRealU Culture & Nature Retreat
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
What’s not included in the total retreat cost?

– Dinners, and your flight to / from Costa Rica

Amber & Bethanne will gladly help you with organizing your logistics. For suggested airlines, click here.

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