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with Local Raw Food, Herbal Beauty Elixirs & Yoga + Pilates
April 20-26, 2014 – Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Live the lifestyle of your dreams in gorgeous Costa Rica while learning all of the skills you need to take the best care of your mind, body and spirit. Prepare for a healing and transformative immersion into Costa Rican culture with detoxifying and nourishing local organic raw food. Fully immerse in Pilates and yoga training designed for your unique body and constitution. Create your most epic self!

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Awe-struck! Is that a good adjective? You and Amber work well together at the Superfood Detox & Pilates/Yoga day workshop. Finally, I took the class I needed to take so that I can approach regaining my health in a way that makes sense and is so simple. I will be coming to your edible skin care workshop. Words do not express.
~ Claire Johnson


Thank you so much for the awesome class yesterday. I’m already very inspired and have immediately added some of the superfoods you taught us about. Not kidding, I’ve never been excited about preparing and eating foods and I couldn’t even sleep last night thinking about it! I’m going to download your eBook and learn more ;) I really love your energy and knowledge on all the foods and sharing your experience. I think that really encourages me to find the spark in how I’m treating my body, not just running 10 miles, but how to fuel it so I can be my best self :) Thank you for inspiring me Bethanne :)
~ Cheers, Valerie Tsang


I took Bethanne and Christian’s dessert making workshop last weekend and am still so inspired and motivated by it! The class setting was sweet and warm, and Christian and Bethanne are a superhero teaching team! They bring love and positive vibes to the class! They complement each other beautifully – Christian has a calm, peaceful energy and Bethanne has sparkly gold energy! They took such good care of us in the class using the most amazing organic best ingredients in the world, and even brought us fresh spring water that they had collected! Their teaching style was so enjoyable; they made both the “newbies” and the “experts” in the class feel engaged and welcomed. Their directions and nutrition education were both clear and vast! The desserts they made were AMAZING! Perhaps most importantly, when I got home – literally the next day, I made three of the recipes and they came out beautifully! That is the best part! Their recipes are ingenious because they are nutritionally sophisticated yet simple and clear to follow! Now a week later, I’ve made the creamy cacao pudding twice and both the fudge and the ice-cream! I highly recommend any class you can take with this superhero duo! They will inspire and empower you to create amazing, delicious, healthy superfood desserts for yourself and your community!
~ Sarah Sullivan


Wow! What a great class last week. I learned a great deal and want to know more. I was surprised and impressed at the depth of knowledge that both Bethanne and Christian have! Thanks again for everything. I felt transformed leaving your class. My energy was back to where it was 25 years ago.
~ Amey Shaw


Thank you, Bethanne and Christian!!!  The Chocolate Superfood Workshop was a top-notch event, packed with useful information, helpful demonstrations, and of course, delicious chocolate creations. You and Christian are a wealth of information and wisdom, and I especially appreciate your attitude of allowing and kindness. It is evident that you are passionate about bringing health, harmony, and beauty to our lives and to the world, and it appears that you are well on your way to accomplishing just that :)
~ Love & Blessings, Jasmine Shanti David


I recently attended Bethanne & Christian’s chocolate-making workshop. I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy the recipes were and Bethanne & Christian generously shared their superfoods knowledge and made it simple enough for me to go home with the confidence to try it myself. Can I just say I am sitting here right now eating some of the best tasting chocolate ever! Not only did I learn how to make this amazingly satisfying chocolate, I learned how to sneak some superfoods into my daily recipes… Thank you Bethanne & Christian for sharing your creations with us!
~ Daina Selph


Yum, the treats were absolutely delicious! I can’t wait to try out these recipes on my own. I plan to give the gift of healthy chocolates to everyone on my list and share them wherever I can. Sharing super healthy foods instead of toxic food with others during the holidays is always my goal. Now I know I can share something everyone will love, chocolate! Thank you Bethanne and Christian for an informative workshop. I love that you shared so much information about the ingredients in your recipes and empowered us to try to personalize and experiment with them.
~ Ramona Beville, Health Coach


Thank you so much!!! I really loved my experience with you two! I’ve been drinking my shake everyday since the talk… I could live on it actually… sooo yummy! I found the class informative and great fun! I loved the nutritional info in the class, packed with great sources and background on the super foods. Everything was yummy and great to know I can now make tasty treats that are actually good for me and my family! Great setting too! Highly recommend this class. Keep up the great work!
~ Fredda Psaltis


I REALLY enjoyed the Chocolate Superfood and Dessert making class by Christian and Bethanne.  It was inspirational, educational, and fun! I made the superfood chocolate fudge at home the very next day and it was easy – even my husband and kids loved it. This is definitely something I will bring to wow my friends and family at future gatherings, raw foodies and SAD eaters alike.
~ Cindy Yacob


As a raw vegan who experiments with a variety of foods, it was fun for me to get new and creative ways to use raw chocolate mixed with superfoods. All the samples were delicious! Bethanne and Christian have a wealth of information to share and I highly recommend the Chocolate Making class or any other class or event that they host. Thanks!
~ Ronit Gesundheit


I took your chocolate making class with a friend back in October, and I want to thank you and Christian for teaching us so many of your DELICIOUS recipes. My friend and I have made lots of fudge a few weeks ago, and the texture and flavor turned out perfect thanks to your no-fail recipe. We also made the pudding, which I am seriously addicted to now. People that have tried it cannot believe the secret ingredient, so thank you again!
~ Catherine Dao



Regeneration Retreat in the Redwoods – 1 day retreat at a private home, CA, March 2014

A Chocolate Affair – Valentine’s Day Event – I was 1 of the 3 celebrity raw chef demos/presentations, February 2014

The Longevity Now Conference, February 2014 (and 2013)

Raw Living Expo, January / February 2014 (and 2013)

 Raw Desserts: Superfood & Superherb Edible Art Creations, October 2013

♥ Herbal Raw Chocolate Alchemy Training / Weekend Intensive, June 2013

 Island Living Raw Food Detox (Yoga & SUP / Stand Up Paddle), Barbados (Caribbean), March 2013

 Superfood Herbal Infused Low-Glycemic Smoothies, Tonics & Teas, March 2013

 A Chocolate Affair – ran the Chocolate Elixir Bar & was 1 of the 3 celebrity raw chef demos/presentations of the night! February 2013

♥ February 2013 Group Coaching Program: Slim, Sexy & Healthy, Virtual Program for Women Internationally

 Easy Nutrition for the Yogi, January & February 2013

 ’Tis the Season Superfood Sweets Holiday Desserts Class, December 2012

 Longevity Power Potluck, Talk and Demo, November 2012

 Homemade Edible Skincare, September 2012

 Herbal Tonic Elixirs and Raw Food Dishes, August 2012

 Chocolate Superfood Desserts, a Chocolate-Making Class (on-going classes ran Sept 2011 – Feb 2012; and July 28, 2012)

 Wild Food Walk & Talk and Spring Water Harvesting (Cascade Spring and Fern Creek Spring on Mt Tamalpais) – on-going / every month or every other throughout the year

 January 2012 Group Coaching Program: Slim, Sexy & Healthy, Virtual Program for Women Internationally

 Superfood Desserts & Elixirs, Oakland

 2011 Chocolate and Durian Festival, Oakland

♥ Tonic Superfood Elixir and Raw Chocolate Party: East Bay Meet-Up Group

 The Elixir and Chocolate Reception

♥ Medical Qigong and Herbal Tonic Elixirs for Detoxification and Weight Loss


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