My Daily Herbal Stress-Reducing Tonic

Longevity Root BeerIf there’s 1 thing I choose to not go without, it’s my daily herbal tonic. I’m attached in a positive way and am in love with the deep flavor and soothing sensation it brings my soul. It’s grounding to say the least which is incredibly awesome considering I’m a crazy busy entrepreneur and I need to “keep calm and carry on”, even in hectic times.

This is my “go-to” drink for when I’m stressed, want to relax and chill out, and it’s my favorite morning beverage of all time.

I make it each morning and sip on it throughout my exciting day! It kicks off the day in a calm manner and I’ve found that I have CONTINUALLY GROWING INNER ZEN about me that is pretty shocking. By way of the regular use of these herbal tonics, my response to stress, chaos, or any frenzied situation – is peaceful. I still get overwhelmed by the typical never-ending entrepreneurs “to do” list, but in moments when I need to keep it together (for myself, others, or the situation), it’s become easy. It’s awesome!

*** If you don’t have every single ingredient – it’s OK (chill out LOL) .. just get 1 (Longevity in a Bottle is the most important, it’s the base ingredient) and carry on. Work with what you’ve got – stretch yourself and push boundaries – try something new – take action!


* 3 cups fresh locally harvested spring water
* 1 T Longevity in a Bottle
* 1 tsp Mushroom Immunity
* 1/4 tsp He Shou Wu (top Chinese herb, restores the kidneys & adrenal glands, along with enhances natural hair color; it’s the #1 herb known to reverse grey hair – excellent for stress-induced grey hairs!)
* 1/4 tsp Levity; red asparagus root extract (fly above stress) – this give the drink a nice butterscotch / caramel flavor
* 1/4 tsp pearl powder (to enhance natural beauty, for gorgeous clear skin, healthy bones; best truly natural / non-toxic source of calcium)
* droppersful of organic stevia to taste
* pinch of high quality sea salt, if desired

Blend on high for 5 seconds and pour into a quart size mason jar over ice cubes made from fresh pure spring water. Please don’t use tap water or ineffective cheap filters! This tonic is FOOD for the immune system, true vitality, and creating deep peace within while feeling overworked & stressed. It has has a profound accumulative effect on me!

I used to make regular tonic herbal teas and I still do every so often, but now I just prefer to use high integrity + exceptionally high quality products from Longevity Power – the ultimate superfood and herbal extract line of products, and I have no need to spend time brewing up tea. Though, I do love that habit as well because I appreciate hot teas that warm my body and I value intuitively choosing the individual herbs that will go in my pot. For many, herbal extract powders are a fantastic option because it’s a “done-for-you” kind of thing – its healthful properties are concentrated and you can just easily add them to a clean, pure source of water (preferably locally harvested spring water)!


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